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loft conversions in Birmingham, Birmingham Loft conversions                           

Birmingham is the most populous city in Britain outside the capital of London, and is located in the West Midlands. Birmingham boasts a population of just over one million as of the 2011 census, which is an increase of 96,000 since 2001.
Birmingham started life as a medium-sized market town at the time of the medieval period, but quickly grew to prominence during the 18th century due to the Industrial Revolution, during which Birmingham quickly leapt to the forefront of world development of economic organisation, technology and science, producing a series of innovations that built the foundations of modern industrial society. Birmingham went on to be titled “the first manufacturing town in the world” by 1791.
Birmingham has gone on to become a major international commercial centre and is regarded as an important retail, transport, events and conference hub and boasts a GDP of $90bn as of 2008. This makes Birmingham’s urban area the 2nd largest economically in the UK and the 72nd largest in the world. Although the city originally grew on the back of its manufacturing and engineering industries, today the economy is strongly boosted by Birmingham’s impressive service sector, which in 2008 made up a whopping 86% of its economy. It’s the largest centre of employment for the public admin, education and health sectors in Great Britain and is also a major player in the finance field, being the 3rd largest centre for employment in that area outside of London. The great employment prospects and the major transport hubs that this city offers make this a great place for residents to live and work, owing to its high population density of 3,649 inhabitants per km2 which well exceeds the national average of 377.2 per km2.

Being Britain’s second most populous city, and with such a high population density, living space is at a premium. Due to this, loft conversions in Birmingham are becoming increasingly popular due to people’s needs for an extra bedroom or living area, and the rise in property prices of the years. Adding a loft conversion to your home is a great way to increase your living area and add to your property value, without having to undergo a single or two storey extension, which can often be very expensive and a time consuming process.
One of the major plus points about Birmingham loft conversions is that normally planning permission is not required, especially if you’re only planning on using the new loft conversion in Birmingham for storage and aren’t thinking of modifying the roof structure in any way. However, if you’re thinking of adding a bedroom which generally involves modifications to the roof like the addition of windows, then planning permission may be required and building regulations adhered to. It’s a good idea when undertaking a loft conversion to get a professional loft conversion company in, as they’ll not only be able to complete the conversion from start to finish, but they’ll be familiar with the planning permission and building regulation requirements of Birmingham as well.  Warmer’s Loft conversions would love to help you achieve your dream loft extension, so give them a call today on 0800 270 7616 to see how they can help you.

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When undertaking a loft conversion, the aspect of generating light in an area which originally did not have any is an important one. It’s no good having a loft conversion done on your home to enable a new bedroom to go in, without adding additional windows in to the roof to allow natural light to shine in.

If you are considering which type of windows to install in your roof for your loft conversion, then you really can’t go past VELUX who are a Danish company that have been specialising in windows and skylights for your loft conversion since 1941, when Villum Kann Rasmussen founded the company after he first spotted the opportunities for developing cheap, useful living space in the attic space of houses. Since then, VELUX has gone on to make many new developments in the production of windows and skylights and are a leading company in their field.

There are numerous types of VELUX roof windows you can choose from to suit your home, including Centre-Pivot Roof Windows, Top-Hung Roof Windows, Electric Roof Windows (for when the window is out of reach – these high tech windows will open and close at the touch of a button), Vertical Combinations (a combination of vertical windows and Centre-Pivot Roof Windows which enhance the possibilities for additional views and daylight), Flat Roof Windows, Conservation Roof Windows (great for older style homes as they keep within the style and are designed to blend in perfectly) and Skylight Roof Windows.

Installing a VELUX roof window is designed to be as straight forward as possible, however because installing any windows for a loft conversion means working on the outside of a roof, it’s a good idea to hire a professional VELUX roof window installer as they’re trained and experienced in working in this sort of situation. You also need to ensure that there are absolutely no gaps surrounding your VELUX window, as rain water will easily find any and make its way in to your new loft extension. Don’t worry though, as it’s fairly easy to find VELUX installers in your area, and many loft conversion companies are used to working with VELUX windows as well – such as Warmer’s Lofts, who are a great choice to use if you’re in the West Midlands area as they’re also experienced VELUX fitters. In particular, they cover Tipton, Tamworth, Warwick, Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull, Walsall, Telford and Oldbury.

Another detail to watch out for when wanting to have VELUX windows installed in your roof is any planning permission requirements or other regulations that need to be approved by your local authority. This is also why using professional VELUX fitters is a good idea, as they’ll have good working knowledge of any consents you may need from your local authority in regards installing windows in your roof and any other such modifications you may be thinking of making. If you’re in the West Midlands area and would like VELUX windows fitted in your roof, or if you’re thinking of a complete loft conversion, then give Warmer’s Lofts a call today on 0800 270 7616.

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Wrap around dormer


If you’re currently toying with the idea of moving house due to needing additional living space, why not consider a loft conversion. A loft conversion in Tipton is a great way to add extra living space such as a bedroom to your home without costing the earth. In fact, it’s estimated that in some homes, there’s 30% extra space just sitting there under your roof unused, so why go through the hassle and expense of moving home when you could tap in to the space already available in your home, for a very affordable cost.
The great thing about a loft conversion is that because of the recent law change which enables homeowners to undertake some extension work without requiring planning permission, you may be able to carry out a loft conversion without having to go through a load of paper work and consents.
Many people might find their loft space is on the small side, and really only suitable for converting in to a storage area, and while that’s fine for some people, adding a bedroom or other such living area to their loft is really the big appeal as this also has the added bonus of increasing your homes worth as well, which is great if it ever comes time to sell.
If you’re one of these people where you find your roof slopes in such a way that a lot of headroom is unavailable, consider a simple dormer or wrap around dormer installation. For a loft that is just lacking in headroom above the stairs, a standalone dormer may be all you need – this is essentially a small loft extension that protrudes from the plane of the sloping roof, adding additional headroom inside. A window can also be added to this dormer, which will let in additional light and in most cases make it more visually appealing.
If however you suffer from a lack of headroom on a larger scale then a wrap around dormer could be the answer to your problems. This is similar to a normal dormer; however this dormer wraps around two or more planes of the roof, usually the rear and side. Again, windows can be added to the dormer to let in natural sunlight and make it look more visually appealing. Dormers can be built in many different styles, including a gable fronted dormer, flat roof dormer or a hip roof dormer. By hiring professional loft converters to undertake this work, they’ll be able to advise on the type of dormer right for you, and the appropriate style of dormer to fit in with your existing house.
A loft conversion and dormer really is a great way to make the most of the unused space in your loft, without needing a huge budget. There are many professional attic converters to choose from, although if you’re in the West Midlands area then it pays to check out Warmer’s Lofts, as they’ve been carrying out loft conversions for years. Check out their website or give them a call free today on 0800 270 7616.

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