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Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion

Under regulations that came into effect from 1 october 2008,  loft conversions are now considered as permitted developement, And generally means that no planning permission is needed unless you live in a conservation area.

Minimum Height for a loft conversion

There are no regulations governing height, a minimum height of 2.1 metres from the existing ceiling joist to the underside of the ridgeboard is needed.

A minimum of 2m headroom is generally required over the flight of the staircase and landing, although the Local Authority may permit a slight reduction height.

How long will the loft conversion take

The average time of work will take:

3-4 weeks for a velux loft conversion on a typical 3 bedroom property

4-5 weeks for a dormer loft conversion on a typical 3 bedroom property

5-6 weeks for a wrap around loft conversion dormer on a typical 3 bedroom property