Property Market in Dudley that Suggests of Loft Conversions Rather than Purchasing a New House for Extending the Living Space

banner3.jpgIn recent times, though the economy showed a slow down, the real estate and property market in Dudley, UK has been on the rise. With the rise of inflation rates we have witnessed a matching increase in construction and renovation causing the Dudley property market to shy away from new housing projects. This is due to the great increase in infrastructure prices caused by home owners’ preference to extension of their current homes, as opposed to moving homes ( or building new homes. This has increased the prices of new construction project, and has seen an increase on the demand by the locals for affordable home extension services, by reputable construction companies, to convert unused space as the ultimate option to add style, space and dimension to their pre existing property.

There are ways to extend your homes and offices in Dudley, U.k like, conversions of unused spaces of lofts garages into functional rooms to help save money which would have been otherwise used for the renovation or purchase of a new home. Installation of a loft extension is not as easy as it may sound it is a complex process which needs extra hours and the help of professionals to succeed. It is also important that the professional of your choice checks to see if you have enough conversion height otherwise the project can reduce the value of their home. Read more about property market in Dudley.

There are several innovative ways of converting an existing loft into a functional room, they include the velux or roofline loft conversions, and this is an ideal choice for people who are seeking to create a smaller functional space already available in the roof height. The conversion can be done also through a dormer. these loft conversions in Birmingham are the most common type. It refers to the actually vertically projecting extension that is made in the roof. It is used for larger spaces because of the additional floor space it creates. And the hip to gable loft conversions common in west Midlands, Birmingham and Dudley.

Loft conversion is arguably a better way of creating extra living space in the home compared to purchasing a new home this is because with the inflation prices building a new home has become an even more expensive affair in Dudley, coupled with the fact that many homes have neglected lofts, and garages, which can be converted into functional areas saving home owners a lot of money. Secondly they are a great way of incorporating a new modified look into your home cheaply; this can be done by use of decorative pieces for doors, fittings, ventilation, and new windows.

In conclusion, loft conversions in Birmingham, Dudley and West Midlands are here to stay with us at least until the inflation rate takes a dip and house construction is affordable. In the mean time property owners can enjoy the popular conversion method in West Midlands, which is not only user friendly, but also, because today these conversions are permitted developments, which do not require planning permissions except in extreme roof alterations.

Written by chris warmer

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