Essential Checkpoints Before Opting Loft Conversions for Your Home

loft conversions in west midlands

loft conversions in the west midlands area

After converting your home loft you get extra living space as well as the value of the house increases. You don’t need to move to another house which is bigger and more expensive. The outer space of the house is not taken up, the space that is already there in the house is converted into livable area.

There are many questions in your mind that need to be answered before you actually begin loft conversion. What kind of staircase should you make? How long will it take to complete the work? What will be the cost factor?

Essential Checkpoints

Before you opt for the loft conversion work for your home, do consider the following checkpoints.

Have you made practical proposal?

Check the height of the roof or the head space to find if your loft is apt for conversion. You should be able to stand straight in the centre of the loft, where the height of the roof is the maximum, it should be more than 2.3 meters. Then you don’t have to raise the roof or lower the ceiling, the loft can be converted. For light and ventilation roof window can be used. Needless to say that all necessary repair or replacement of the roof should be done by specialists like CDSSR | staff.

Structural planning

The structure of the loft must be sturdy and strong to bear the additional weight. Generally lofts are meant for storage and to keep the water tank only. For the extra load new supports will be needed in the roof and the floor. So, consult a conversion specialist or a structural engineer.

Plumbing requirements for the loft

People normally add another bedroom and a bathroom to the house during loft conversion. According to Amarco Plumbing, for the bathroom, you will need water supply in the loft also. The pipe line has to be aligned with the existing drainage line. You may need to change the position of the water tank or take the supply directly from the main supply.

The hot water and the heating system also needs to be planned. The boiler that is already there may not be big enough for the extra hot water for the new bathroom and the boiler might need to be replaced with a bigger unit.

All these requirements can be easily fulfilled by a company like Flo-Well Drainage and Plumbing. The plumbing engineers can offer the complete range of services to make sure you can have all the necessary accommodation.

What about the added electricity requirement?

You will have sizeable amount of added electricity requirement and some more sockets in the wall. Load on the existing circuit will increase. Consult iSpark Solutions Melbourne electrician in case you need to increase the entire power supply.

How will you heat the loft and prevent fire?

Fire resistance of the building has to be improved. Generally lofts are insulated so that the heat from the house does not go up into the loft. This will have to be replaced with insulation under the roof. Increased insulation will keep the loft warm during winter and prevent the room from overheating in summer months.

Which loft Conversion Company to hire?

Be sure to hire an experienced company, check their references, and see the work done by them.

Planning permission is not needed for all conversions, but it is always good to speak to the local officer in charge. ‘Building Regulations’ have to be complied with.


Once your check list questions have been answered, you can go ahead with the loft conversion of your house. When done properly you will get a remarkable well lit area in your house.

Written by chris warmer

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