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Loft Conversions – Common Trend in Walsall to Increase the Living Space


loft conversions in west midlands

loft conversions in the west midlands area

We all get to the point when it is time to move out of home and we wonder what way we could spend less and still find a trendy space to live in and families as well are looking for ways to maximize their living area. Well that’s where a loft conversion comes in handy. A popular trend of housing in Walsall, UK as well as a way of using up a small space area in the house like the attic to make it an artistic living, reading or bathroom region. So we shall be discussing on how you can convert that loft space with low budget and still make it look spacious also not forgetting to mention what the benefits are to this method rather than buying a new home all together.

Common trend of Loft Conversion in Walsall, UK

It is no surprise that with the rise of markets prices for homes that individuals are now looking for new and imaginative ways to get more living space without the need of buying a new home. This has been the case in Walsall, UK a metropolitan area that has seen its residents redefine their traditional homes for a more modern loft like environ. This is because of the need for more space areas and the roof space renovation is now the way to achieve this desire.

How to achieve more space on a low budget through loft conversion

The easiest way to do a garret alteration would be through the cleaning out of the attic which most people at first use as a storage room. So one would just have to clean all the junk out and add something like a roof window or a dormer which is a window style addition to the attic this would add light to the room and give it a more airy and spacious feel. Also the removing of water tanks and with a bit of expansion space, can be added then all one would have to do is add some wood panels, repaint the area and use little furniture for the area and it would be a stylish sitting, reading, or bedroom for anyone. The smallest of touches are always the thing that bring a special trace to anything and that is what this would do. Not only this but for those that are not ready to tackle the job on your own, there are always contractors that specialize in eaves renovation who would do it for an affordable rate. Click here to know more about loft conversions in Walsall.

The Benefits

Well it all comes down to this one would save on money by not having to look for a new house and purchase a bigger home due to space, it is much cheaper than having to expand the house, get the necessary permits and most of all it adds to the value of your existing home raising the property value which will be of great benefit to you once you decide to move on.

So why not give it a try and see if a loft conversion would add value to your life today.

High Quality Loft Conversions in West Midlands by Warmer’s Loft Conversions

High Quality Loft Conversions in West Midlands by Warmer’s Loft Conversions


West Midlands, UK

Loft conversion is a process, by which one convert empty loft space into a useful room. The loft conversion services are most relevant as they help to utilize on every space of a house hence enabling saving of cost. Warmers Loft Conversions in United Kingdom are the well-known services for home improvement.

Loft conversion process is a complicated one and hence requires a specialist like us. In most cases, one has to have services of loft conversion company like Warmer. Warmers Loft Conversions provides Services in various areas of West Midlands like Bridgnorth, Cannock, Dudley, Kidderminster, Kingswinford, Lichfield, Shrewsbury, Solihull, Stafford, Sutton coldfield, Stourbridge, Telford, Walsall, West bromwich, Wolverhampton, Worcester and Warwick

The Steps are followed at Warmer’s Loft for Conversion are as below-

The first step in the loft conversion process is inspecting on house. This is to enable us to choose the loft space to convert. we will then inspect the loft space, to identify on the exact dimensions of the space.

Our loft conversion process will require a space of at least 2-3 meters. The loft space should also be 2 meters away from the access stairs. There is also a need to hire an adroit roofers to check on the roofs in order to ensure that there is no rainwater getting into the roof space. All this process requires that one be extra careful to ensure to save on cost the entire process of loft conversion. The existence of a dark spot in the roof is a clear indication of a problem. Our loft conversion process will include repairing of the roof in order to construct dormers and fitting roof windows. You can also contact a roofer in Aurora CO to help you in this endeavour.

There are different loft conversions available, which include those of roof window conversion, dormer conversion, mansard conversion among others. As per the structure layout we will have to pick on one of the many loft conversions depending on the house improvement that they require.We have specialization on the different loft conversion services that includes on the services to deal with, for example, the roof window conversion, dormer conversions and many others. For more information on different loft conversions, visit

Our loft conversion services include the loft conversions in Dudley, loft conversions in west midlands, loft conversions in Birmingham among others. The preference of one is what will matter. There are various regulations governing on the loft conversion services and Warmer’s will give you the best solution with following the governing regulations. The most important of all will be the building regulation. As long as a loft space is to change into a useful space, the building control regulations are very significant. This implies converting the roof space into a study room bedroom or any other habitable room.

At Warmer’s Loft, we consider on the building regulations that apply to loft conversion. These regulations help to ensure that the loft conversion process ensures on health and safety laws. The whole process of converting a loft space into a habitable room is such a crucial process and requires that Expert loft converter like us to do it a careful way. This will help ensure that loft conversion process observes health and safety. It will be highly significant for one to trust and ensure the quality loft conversion services at Warmer’s Loft.

About Warmers Loft Conversions

Warmers Loft Conversions is an expert loft converter in Birmingham, West Midlands that offers innovative loft conversions services in different areas of UK including Bridgnorth, Cannock, Dudley, Kidderminster, Kingswinford, Lichfield, Shrewsbury, Solihull, Stafford, Sutton coldfield, Stourbridge, Telford, Walsall, West bromwich, Wolverhampton, Worcester and Warwick. For more information on loft converter services, visit –, or call us at below mentioned address:

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Property Market in Dudley that Suggests of Loft Conversions Rather than Purchasing a New House for Extending the Living Space

banner3.jpgIn recent times, though the economy showed a slow down, the real estate and property market in Dudley, UK has been on the rise. With the rise of inflation rates we have witnessed a matching increase in construction and renovation causing the Dudley property market to shy away from new housing projects. This is due to the great increase in infrastructure prices caused by home owners’ preference to extension of their current homes, as opposed to moving homes ( or building new homes. This has increased the prices of new construction project, and has seen an increase on the demand by the locals for affordable home extension services, by reputable construction companies, to convert unused space as the ultimate option to add style, space and dimension to their pre existing property.

There are ways to extend your homes and offices in Dudley, U.k like, conversions of unused spaces of lofts garages into functional rooms to help save money which would have been otherwise used for the renovation or purchase of a new home. Installation of a loft extension is not as easy as it may sound it is a complex process which needs extra hours and the help of professionals to succeed. It is also important that the professional of your choice checks to see if you have enough conversion height otherwise the project can reduce the value of their home. Read more about property market in Dudley.

There are several innovative ways of converting an existing loft into a functional room, they include the velux or roofline loft conversions, and this is an ideal choice for people who are seeking to create a smaller functional space already available in the roof height. The conversion can be done also through a dormer. these loft conversions in Birmingham are the most common type. It refers to the actually vertically projecting extension that is made in the roof. It is used for larger spaces because of the additional floor space it creates. And the hip to gable loft conversions common in west Midlands, Birmingham and Dudley.

Loft conversion is arguably a better way of creating extra living space in the home compared to purchasing a new home this is because with the inflation prices building a new home has become an even more expensive affair in Dudley, coupled with the fact that many homes have neglected lofts, and garages, which can be converted into functional areas saving home owners a lot of money. Secondly they are a great way of incorporating a new modified look into your home cheaply; this can be done by use of decorative pieces for doors, fittings, ventilation, and new windows.

In conclusion, loft conversions in Birmingham, Dudley and West Midlands are here to stay with us at least until the inflation rate takes a dip and house construction is affordable. In the mean time property owners can enjoy the popular conversion method in West Midlands, which is not only user friendly, but also, because today these conversions are permitted developments, which do not require planning permissions except in extreme roof alterations.

Loft Conversions – Solution to Residential Problems in Worcester

Loft conversions Birmingham

Loft conversions are processes of renovating an empty attic space into a decent functioning room. These rooms are mostly used as office spaces or rooms. Attic conversion is the transformation of the space found just below the roof of a building. Loft conversions have many great benefits. They are the most fashionable forms of home improvement and are becoming more and more popular. Loft conversion is a complex process and needs loft conversion experts or companies to do the job. Different types of loft conversions are dormer and roof window conversions. Other types of lost conversions which are not commonly installed are mustard conversion, and hip to gable conversions.

Why loft conversion is a prominent need with Worcester residents

In Worcester, finding a space to live or lease can be challenging and costly. The population is high and the space to develop new homes is scarce. There is need therefore to create more space with the houses that are in place. This can help residents of Worcester lease or rent space to live in. Loft conversion helps in transforming empty spaces to create offices and rooms for residential use.

There are many loft converter companies that help develop good spaces. They ensure the spaces are strong and fit for people to live in. They ensure the spaces meet the Worcester building regulations. This has to a great extent solved the problem of housing in Worcester. A long VA loans blog post from OnQFinancial will offer you some interesting options.

Benefits of selecting a good loft converter in Worcester

Loft conversions have many benefits. One is that they enable a homeowner increase his home. A homeowner may need some more space for some reasons. Good loft converter helps the owner to effectively utilize every empty space of the house. This space is not just attractive, but it’s also functional for the whole family.

Two the transformed space can also be used as rental space thus creating a source of income for the homeowner. Attic conversion can greatly increase the space that can be leased. Living in Worcester is expensive and people can consider leasing spaces. Good loft converter can effectively create a large leasing space thus helping the owner make a good income.

Three the lofted space is smarter than purchasing a brand new home. Purchasing a new home can be very costly compared to converting an old home to a beautiful new one. A good loft converter helps turn an old home to new and trendy home as he wishes. The old house can be changed to a new atmosphere causing it to look like a new home. This can cost less compared to purchasing a new home. A homeowner can also sell the transformed house to a bigger price because of the added value.

The Parameters and Key Areas to check and follow while making loft conversions in Worcester (UK)

There are regulations required in converting any loft space in Worcester. These laws are developed by the Worcester authorities. Thorough inspection of the space is done to get the exact dimensions and certify whether the space is feasible for conversion. Pest inspection could be also arranged to make sure the space is suitable for living. Inspector will investigate for pest attack or damage. All you need to do is call for pest inspections in Brisbane and get the report within 24 hours. The regulations ensure that the safety and health regulations are met. The planning measures are not required since loft conversion falls under the already constructed building. Loft conversion experts ensure they conduct all these requirements and meet them before they can begin working on any building.

With the increase in population living spaces are becoming scarce. Loft conversion is a solution to this problem. It creates more income to a home owner and transforms home to a new beautiful building. To experts it’s a source to of income.

The Important Aspects considered by Loft Conversions Specialists in Birmingham

The prices of properties are continuously escalating in Birmingham. Hence buying a new home for residential requirements has today become a costly affair, especially for the larger families looking to invest in spacious homes for comfort of living without congestion. Therefore a better alternative for these home owners looking for home shifting is loft conversion. Loft conversions in Birmingham are better options for home buyers as they are much economical to get done and can also add up space in the existing home to fulfill their spacing requirements.


Carrying out loft conversions is not an easy task at all. Different factors need to be kept in mind and knowledge of various aspects for better designing is necessary. Therefore converting lofts requires expertise in designing lofts which could be found in only experienced converters.

Some of the most important aspects which the loft conversion specialists take into consideration for designing of lofts are as follows

Roof Structure

Most of the modern homes in Birmingham are made of trussed rafters. Trussted rafters are thin wood lines fixed to form series of triangles in structure which can carry the building blocks or tiles above them. To modify these modern roof structures without serious structural consequences could be quite difficult task. Moreover there are even older homes with earlier roofs which are more sturdy and inflexible to take any further loads. Changing such roof structures for additional living space creation can be very tricky and a daunting task. Hence the loft conversions specialists in Birmingham West Midlands are hired for their services and by merely getting gutter repairs and cleaning done you can have a healthy flowing water system without it getting clogged and jeopardizing the infrastructure of the house. These specialists are aware of various roof structures in the Birmingham and will have the experience of converting different forms of roofs.

For this reason, every loft converter before taking any step for conversions, will initially look out for the structure of the roof of the home for which the conversion is to be carried out. There are different types of conversion procedures adopted by these converters for efficient home renovation depending on the type of roof. Dormer loft conversions are considered for the roofs with very little space, while the hip to gable loft conversions will better serve the purpose of hipped end roofs. The velux loft conversions are the best options when converting loft to create a spacious and well ventilated room in the home is the requirement.


Accessibility of the loft is yet another important consideration while designing lofts. You require an easy climbing source to get onto your lofts. The things to be kept in mind while designing lofts is that they should easy to access by all the people in the family even the aged and should be properly designed so that climbing becomes easy and one can easily access the loft without fear of any hazards leading to severe injuries.


Choice of ventilation in a loft is always dependent on the roof structure. You can either go with skylights, dormer windows or even a gable window depending on the type of conversion suitable for your roof. If you are planning to install air conditioner, check the items sold on You would get high-quality goods for reasonable price. Roof Repairs in Marietta will provide any roofing needs, a simple home roof repair or complex re-roof.

There are various other things which can be considered for an efficient loft conversion like easy escape facilitations provided for easy escape during hazards, sound insulating installations to prevent external noise enter into the lofts and much more. Abiding by the laws and regulations of local building and construction authorities and taking permissions if any necessary are few important things to be considered while designing lofts to add space to the existing home, although for the maintenance of their home, such as the cleaning of gutters, you can contact Gettysburg Gutter Guards services that specialized in this field.

With an efficient loft conversions specialist to do your job, you will not have to worry of all these aspects as they will take care of all on your behalf and desi9gn loft conversion for you as per your requirements as you relax and watch them do. Visit to know about the expert loft converters in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Why do you Need to Hire a Loft Conversions Specialist in Birmingham?

loft conversions in birminghamThe process of loft conversion is very complicated. Before you decide to convert a loft into a space that can be used check if the effort is feasible or not. All lofts cannot be converted into living space.

You may wish to carry out the work yourself, but it is a good option to hire the service of proficient and expert individuals along with a few skip bins from portsmouth to dispose of the large waste at one go.

Types of loft conversions

There are different types of loft conversions, these are:

  • Rear dormer loft conversion
  • Hip to gable loft conversion
  • Front dormer loft conversion
  • Side dormer loft conversion

If you want to convert the loft in order to accommodate more members of the family, choose any one of the types of conversions. You can convert a loft into a bedroom, study room, store room etc. depending upon your need. To meet the need for extra space people in Birmingham are converting lofts into living spaces.

Often people are interested in converting the full loft along with stairs, where as some people just want an extra storage space.

Why do we need to hire a Loft Conversions Specialist

  • They will help you to decide which design will suite your space the best. Then you can design the sort of room you want.
  • To carry out the work of loft conversion yourself is not a good idea. To meet any building necessities and to carry out the work appropriately you will need a specialist who has the required understanding.
  • A conversions specialist who has been working since years will be familiar with the complete procedure so, he will be able to finish the work within stipulated time.
  • You will have a professional to help you and guide you. He will direct you if along with a room it is possible to add a bathroom and some windows. Without a professional you may miss out on these factors to make the room more comfortable.
  • Good conversion specialists will offer superior planning for your loft. They will also take care of the permission for planning a loft.
  • They dispose of the rubble and the waste in a skip.

There are many firms offering loft conversions. Before you decide which firm to hire, check their references and appraisal. In order to save money don’t compromise on the quality of work.


If you hire work force yourself, you have to manage them also, which is a lot of stress. So, in order to save yourself the stress, save your time and get a well finished loft conversion work done, hire a conversions specialist. He will convert your dull loft into a brilliant and cheerful area.

Essential Checkpoints Before Opting Loft Conversions for Your Home

loft conversions in west midlands

loft conversions in the west midlands area

After converting your home loft you get extra living space as well as the value of the house increases. You don’t need to move to another house which is bigger and more expensive. The outer space of the house is not taken up, the space that is already there in the house is converted into livable area.

There are many questions in your mind that need to be answered before you actually begin loft conversion. What kind of staircase should you make? How long will it take to complete the work? What will be the cost factor?

Essential Checkpoints

Before you opt for the loft conversion work for your home, do consider the following checkpoints.

Have you made practical proposal?

Check the height of the roof or the head space to find if your loft is apt for conversion. You should be able to stand straight in the centre of the loft, where the height of the roof is the maximum, it should be more than 2.3 meters. Then you don’t have to raise the roof or lower the ceiling, the loft can be converted. For light and ventilation roof window can be used. Needless to say that all necessary repair or replacement of the roof should be done by specialists like CDSSR | staff.

Structural planning

The structure of the loft must be sturdy and strong to bear the additional weight. Generally lofts are meant for storage and to keep the water tank only. For the extra load new supports will be needed in the roof and the floor. So, consult a conversion specialist or a structural engineer.

Plumbing requirements for the loft

People normally add another bedroom and a bathroom to the house during loft conversion. According to Amarco Plumbing, for the bathroom, you will need water supply in the loft also. The pipe line has to be aligned with the existing drainage line. You may need to change the position of the water tank or take the supply directly from the main supply.

The hot water and the heating system also needs to be planned. The boiler that is already there may not be big enough for the extra hot water for the new bathroom and the boiler might need to be replaced with a bigger unit.

All these requirements can be easily fulfilled by a company like Flo-Well Drainage and Plumbing. The plumbing engineers can offer the complete range of services to make sure you can have all the necessary accommodation.

What about the added electricity requirement?

You will have sizeable amount of added electricity requirement and some more sockets in the wall. Load on the existing circuit will increase. Consult iSpark Solutions Melbourne electrician in case you need to increase the entire power supply.

How will you heat the loft and prevent fire?

Fire resistance of the building has to be improved. Generally lofts are insulated so that the heat from the house does not go up into the loft. This will have to be replaced with insulation under the roof. Increased insulation will keep the loft warm during winter and prevent the room from overheating in summer months.

Which loft Conversion Company to hire?

Be sure to hire an experienced company, check their references, and see the work done by them.

Planning permission is not needed for all conversions, but it is always good to speak to the local officer in charge. ‘Building Regulations’ have to be complied with.


Once your check list questions have been answered, you can go ahead with the loft conversion of your house. When done properly you will get a remarkable well lit area in your house.