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The Important Aspects considered by Loft Conversions Specialists in Birmingham

The prices of properties are continuously escalating in Birmingham. Hence buying a new home for residential requirements has today become a costly affair, especially for the larger families looking to invest in spacious homes for comfort of living without congestion. Therefore a better alternative for these home owners looking for home shifting is loft conversion. Loft conversions in Birmingham are better options for home buyers as they are much economical to get done and can also add up space in the existing home to fulfill their spacing requirements.


Carrying out loft conversions is not an easy task at all. Different factors need to be kept in mind and knowledge of various aspects for better designing is necessary. Therefore converting lofts requires expertise in designing lofts which could be found in only experienced converters.

Some of the most important aspects which the loft conversion specialists take into consideration for designing of lofts are as follows

Roof Structure

Most of the modern homes in Birmingham are made of trussed rafters. Trussted rafters are thin wood lines fixed to form series of triangles in structure which can carry the building blocks or tiles above them. To modify these modern roof structures without serious structural consequences could be quite difficult task. Moreover there are even older homes with earlier roofs which are more sturdy and inflexible to take any further loads. Changing such roof structures for additional living space creation can be very tricky and a daunting task. Hence the loft conversions specialists in Birmingham West Midlands are hired for their services and by merely getting gutter repairs and cleaning done you can have a healthy flowing water system without it getting clogged and jeopardizing the infrastructure of the house. These specialists are aware of various roof structures in the Birmingham and will have the experience of converting different forms of roofs.

For this reason, every loft converter before taking any step for conversions, will initially look out for the structure of the roof of the home for which the conversion is to be carried out. There are different types of conversion procedures adopted by these converters for efficient home renovation depending on the type of roof. Dormer loft conversions are considered for the roofs with very little space, while the hip to gable loft conversions will better serve the purpose of hipped end roofs. The velux loft conversions are the best options when converting loft to create a spacious and well ventilated room in the home is the requirement.


Accessibility of the loft is yet another important consideration while designing lofts. You require an easy climbing source to get onto your lofts. The things to be kept in mind while designing lofts is that they should easy to access by all the people in the family even the aged and should be properly designed so that climbing becomes easy and one can easily access the loft without fear of any hazards leading to severe injuries.


Choice of ventilation in a loft is always dependent on the roof structure. You can either go with skylights, dormer windows or even a gable window depending on the type of conversion suitable for your roof. If you are planning to install air conditioner, check the items sold on You would get high-quality goods for reasonable price. Roof Repairs in Marietta will provide any roofing needs, a simple home roof repair or complex re-roof.

There are various other things which can be considered for an efficient loft conversion like easy escape facilitations provided for easy escape during hazards, sound insulating installations to prevent external noise enter into the lofts and much more. Abiding by the laws and regulations of local building and construction authorities and taking permissions if any necessary are few important things to be considered while designing lofts to add space to the existing home, although for the maintenance of their home, such as the cleaning of gutters, you can contact Gettysburg Gutter Guards services that specialized in this field.

With an efficient loft conversions specialist to do your job, you will not have to worry of all these aspects as they will take care of all on your behalf and desi9gn loft conversion for you as per your requirements as you relax and watch them do. Visit to know about the expert loft converters in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Why do you Need to Hire a Loft Conversions Specialist in Birmingham?

loft conversions in birminghamThe process of loft conversion is very complicated. Before you decide to convert a loft into a space that can be used check if the effort is feasible or not. All lofts cannot be converted into living space.

You may wish to carry out the work yourself, but it is a good option to hire the service of proficient and expert individuals along with a few skip bins from portsmouth to dispose of the large waste at one go.

Types of loft conversions

There are different types of loft conversions, these are:

  • Rear dormer loft conversion
  • Hip to gable loft conversion
  • Front dormer loft conversion
  • Side dormer loft conversion

If you want to convert the loft in order to accommodate more members of the family, choose any one of the types of conversions. You can convert a loft into a bedroom, study room, store room etc. depending upon your need. To meet the need for extra space people in Birmingham are converting lofts into living spaces.

Often people are interested in converting the full loft along with stairs, where as some people just want an extra storage space.

Why do we need to hire a Loft Conversions Specialist

  • They will help you to decide which design will suite your space the best. Then you can design the sort of room you want.
  • To carry out the work of loft conversion yourself is not a good idea. To meet any building necessities and to carry out the work appropriately you will need a specialist who has the required understanding.
  • A conversions specialist who has been working since years will be familiar with the complete procedure so, he will be able to finish the work within stipulated time.
  • You will have a professional to help you and guide you. He will direct you if along with a room it is possible to add a bathroom and some windows. Without a professional you may miss out on these factors to make the room more comfortable.
  • Good conversion specialists will offer superior planning for your loft. They will also take care of the permission for planning a loft.
  • They dispose of the rubble and the waste in a skip.

There are many firms offering loft conversions. Before you decide which firm to hire, check their references and appraisal. In order to save money don’t compromise on the quality of work.


If you hire work force yourself, you have to manage them also, which is a lot of stress. So, in order to save yourself the stress, save your time and get a well finished loft conversion work done, hire a conversions specialist. He will convert your dull loft into a brilliant and cheerful area.

Loft Conversions in West Midlands, UK [INFOGRAPH]

Warmers Loft conversions is a leading loft conversion company in Birmingham, West Midlands offers expert services of loft conversions in Dudley, Lichfield, Solihull, Kidderminster, Sutton coldfield and many other areas of West Midlands. Various types of home extension plans are offered that includes dormers loft, roof-line conversion, hip to gable, garage conversions, velux fitting for rooflights and many more new layouts that convert your old home to the new home at most competitive rates. This infograph displays some of our projects that have been carried out at various locations in West Midlands that shows our hard work with skilled innovations through which our clients have got 100% results of increased the living space with good integration with existing layout. For more details about home extension and loft conversion services, visit our website –

Loft Conversions in West Midlands infograph

Benefits of Loft Conversion Services

loft conversions in birminghamNowadays house owners prefer to convert the loft area for obtaining extra space within their property. Converting the available space in your loft will provide a considerable area, which can be used for various purposes such as a bedroom, bathroom, office, library, play area, leisure room, etc. Loft conversions have now become common and popular globally, as they provide numerous benefits. Actually loft conversions should be done by experts, as they have the required skills to do the work up to your satisfaction. Hence property owners across the world, including UK, contact a company that provides loft conversion services.

Benefits of Loft Conversions in Birmingham

Some benefits of loft conversion for home owners, including those living in Birmingham are as follows. To start with you can easily get an additional room such as a modern living room by simply opting for loft conversion. The main benefit of loft conversion is that it is basically a cost effective alternative, as compared to shifting to a spacious home. Thus house owners can save a significant amount, and use their hard earned money for some other purpose. Moreover, this economical option also helps to enhance the value of your home. The fundamental reason of choosing loft conversion by all homeowners is to increase the living space in their home. Besides this in case you have a limited budget, it is better to convert your dirty and unused loft, into a clean and usable area. Today there are some professional firms that can also provide loft conversion services within your spending limits. Hence you need not go for a new property, or live within less space; because you can now make better use of your loft by converting it into a nice room where you can live, play, and enjoy with your friends, family, guests, and relatives.

Benefits of Loft Conversions in West Midlands

Further, the other benefits of loft conversion for house owners, including those living in Westloft conversions in west midlands Midlands are as follows. Another major benefit of converting your loft is that it will greatly improve the atmosphere of your house. You will thereafter enjoy spending your time in the elegantly designed space of your loft. Many people then prefer to stay in the warm rooms of the loft in winters; as well as in the cool rooms of the loft in summers. Moreover, loft conversion also helps to increase the value of your property. The extra room created in your home, will increase the usable area of your property. Hence in case you sell your property in future, you will receive a good amount. In fact, around 25 percent of the total area is located within the loft of your house. As a result the value of your house will increase by approximately 25 percent. Besides this a loft conversion can also help to provide extra income for people who need more money, as they can simply rent the converted loft. Hence like many people you can also enjoy the benefits of loft conversions.

Loft Conversions Services In Birmingham

Here at Warmer’s Loft Conversions we offer loft conversions right across Birmingham, England’s second city. There are lots of Birmingham loft converters out there, but few offer a service quite as good as ours. When it comes to quality of work, after sales support and value for money, the other companies offering loft conversions in Birmingham simply don’t come close.

We are a family run business; we believe first and foremost in offering quality work to our customers. From the day we quote you for your loft conversion work to the day the project is finished, we’ll be making sure your project is completed in compliance with all necessary building regulations – whilst ensuring it’s finished to the highest possible standard.

Loft conversions: Why bother?

Have you ever thought about how much extra room you’d have at your disposal if you turned your loft into an extra room or two? Most lofts are packed full of junk or totally empty; lofts equate to wasted space for many households. Next time you think about moving house in order to get a little more room, cast your mind back to loft conversions in Birmingham. What if you could have that extra bedroom or living room you want, without having to go through the whole rigmarole of moving house? With a loft conversions Birminghamyou can have that extra room!

Loft conversions BirminghamWith houses prices at the lowest they’ve been for some time it doesn’t make sense to sell up if you can help it. Whether your family is growing or you just want a bit of extra space to make use of, a Birmingham loft Conversionsis exactly what you need! Loft conversions can be turned into anything you like: An extra bedroom, a playroom for the kids, a lounge or even a study. Turning that wasted loft space into a room that you’re actually going to use really does make sense.


We cover Birmingham and the surrounding areas, It’s not just households in inner Birmingham that we serve – we also offer our loft conversions Servicesto customers around the Midlands: We serve areas such as Worcester, Dudley, Tamworth, Telford, Walsall, Wolverhampton, and Solihull.

If you’re considering a dormer loft conversion make sure you call us here at Warmer’s Lofts right away. Loft conversions Birmingham come in all shapes and sizes; no matter what your requirements are, we’ll definitely be able to help you!