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If you’re finding it hard to decide between loft conversions in Telford and moving house into something a little bigger, we’re going to do our very best to convince you that a loft conversion is a much better idea in this article. We’re a loft conversion specialist so we’re always going to trumpet attic conversions for those people who want to increase the size of their living space. That said, we do feel that there are genuine merits to having a loft conversion as opposed to moving home, especially in this economic climate.

Loft conversions in Telford are exponentially cheaper than moving house – that’s a fact. The best way to toss up the difference in price between hiring loft converters in Telford and actually moving house is to look at a house with an extra room or two – the same amount of space you’d gain with a loft conversion. Look at how much extra that house would cost compared to your existing house – if the difference is greater than the cost of a loft conversion, it makes sense to stay put and opt for a loft conversion. Not only will you avoid the prospect of shelling out more money than you need to, you’ll also avoid the hassle associated with moving home – which let’s face it is a pretty hectic experience. You’ll never know whether a loft conversion in Telford could work out cheaper than moving home unless you call us – so pick up the phone and speak to us right now!

One other factor you need to bear in mind when it comes to attic conversions is the savings you’ll make on decorating. If you move house you’ll have to spend thousands of pounds putting your own stamp on the decor – if you stay put, you won’t have to spend that money because you’ll have your existing decor. The only money you’ll have to shell out is on decorating the new rooms in your loft conversion.

Going back to cost, if you upsize you’re likely to move into yet another house where the loft is completely wasted. It wouldn’t matter so much but you’re paying for that space – you’re paying for a loft that’s going to remain empty – or packed full of junk. Instead of paying for a huge amount of space to remain redundant – why not turn the loft in your existing home into something useful – a lounge, bedroom, or bathroom maybe?

It’s fairly clear to see that where cost is involved, loft converters in Telford tend to offer much better value than moving home altogether. Whether you’re looking for dormer loft conversions or just Velux attic conversions, we can help you! We’ve got a proven track record of helping home owners to expand their living space without having to pack up and move house. Call us today to speak to a loft conversion specialist – we’ll send someone round to give you a quote and then we can go from there