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Think about enquiring about loft conversions in Shrewsbury? If so, we’re the people that you need to speak to, so don’t waste any time in picking up the phone and talking to us today. We offer a high quality service through our loft converters in Shrewsbury – we’ve got lots of experience when it comes to converting lofts into fantastic rooms that offer extra space for all the family. Attic conversions seem a little daunting from the outside, but once you actually get talking to us about them you’ll see they’re a lot more affordable than you might have thought.

With the house market currently sitting as flat as a pancake, now is a really bad time to be thinking about selling your property. What loft conversions in Shrewsbury allow you to do is to turn your cramped home into a much more spacious environment. You won’t need to move home that way – there’s a lot less inconvenience involved for you! Remember loft conversions aren’t just for “here and now” – when you come to sell your home later down the line the value will be much higher than other comparable properties without a loft conversion. In real terms, you may well find that you make a profit when you come to sell your home because it fetches much more due to the loft conversion. Another factor to consider is that houses with loft conversions are likely to undergo many more viewings as they are considered to be in demand and desireable.

If dormer loft conversions are something you’ve been considering then the good news is that we can help you. A dormer loft conversion is a great way to make the most out of what would otherwise be a very cramped loft conversion. If space isn’t an issue in your loft and you can walk around freely without hitting your head on the roof, Velux windows may be a suitable alternative. Compared to a dormer loft conversion, Velux windows tend to be a lot cheaper. They offer a lot of natural light to the rooms in which they’re installed, too.

The amount of extra room that a loft conversion can offer will depend greatly on the shape of the roof on your house – as well as the length and breadth of your home. Whilst a small terraced house will have a lot less room to be gained with a loft conversion when compared to a large detached house, there are still many merits to adding a loft conversion to your property.

At Warmer’s Lofts we’re a small family run business – we put our customers first in everything we do. We know that loft conversions in Shrewsbury can be a little disruptive, but we’ll do our best to get your loft conversion completed as swiftly as possible so that you can start using your new room(s) as quickly as possible. Your search for reliable, reputable loft converters in Shrewsbury is over – pick up the phone and talk to us today, we can help you!