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Lichfield is a civil parish and cathedral city in Staffordshire. It’s one of eight civil parishes with city status in England, and is located roughly 26 km north of Birmingham. Its population was estimated at 30,583 in 2008, with the wider Lichfield District boasting a population of some 100,700 inhabitants.
Most noted for its impressive three-spired medieval cathedral the city’s history was first recorded when St Chad arrived to establish his bishopric in 669 CE and thus the tiny settlement flourished as the ecclesiastical centre of the Kingdom of Mercia.
The city’s ladder-shaped street pattern that can be seen today came about in the 12th century thanks to Bishop Clinton, who is also responsible for fortifying the Cathedral Close.
Lichfield’s heyday dates back to the 18th century when it turned in to a thriving coaching city. This was a time of great intellectual activity, with the city being home to many famous people including David Garrick (actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer), Samuel Johnson (writer), Erasmus Dawn (physician) and Anna Seward (romantic poet). This prompted many to nickname Lichfield as “a city of philosophers”.
These days, the city of Lichfield retains its old important role as an ecclesiastical centre and its industrial and commercial development has been limited. A lot of the city’s charm has been retained due to the fact it has over 230 listed buildings in its historic streets, fine Georgian architecture and old cultural traditions.

It’s due to the numerous listed buildings in Lichfield that one must pay close attention to building regulations for loft conversions in Lichfield, as the local authority is very strict about what work may be done to a listed building, and also those closely neighbouring it. In fact, if you’re wanting to undertake any work at all on a listed building, or one closely neighbouring it, it’s a good idea to check with the local authority first.
If however you’re not in a listed building, and there are none in close proximity to you, then the building regulations for loft conversions in Lichfield are slightly relaxed.
In general, if you have unused space in your attic or loft, and think a conversion should be undertaken in order to give you more storage space, then planning permission is generally not required as its highly unlikely you’ll be changing the shape of the roof and undertaking any great structural work in order to store a few boxes.
On the other hand, if you think your loft would be perfect for an extra bedroom then you may need to seek planning permission, as usually this incorporates adding windows and undertaking a loft extension in order to gain additional headroom. Either way, there are building regulations in place which must be followed.
Whatever your reason for wanting a loft conversion, it’s a great idea to get in touch with a professional loft converters company, such as Warmer’s Lofts.
Warmer’s Lofts have been converting people’s lofts for a decade now in the Lichfield area, and are highly experienced and knowledgeable of local rules and regulations when it comes to this sort of work. Give them a call today on 0800 270 7616 to see how they can help you, or have a browse of their website for examples of their previous work.